Monday, 22 February 2016

Sewing the Faux Fur Scarf

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When I worked at a fabric store I would always advise the customers to run a vacuum down the sides of the cut fabric when working with faux fur so that the fur didn't go everywhere. Alas, I did not take my own advice and ended up with a very furry studio that may take a while to clean up. 

Despite all this I am quite happy with the way my faux fur scarf turned out. I've been seeing them for sale everywhere in stores this winter and decided to take it upon myself to create my own (more inexpensive) version. 

I didn't have to purchase anything outside of what I already owned for this project. The faux fur was a leftover scrap from when I made my Daisy Buchanan Halloween costume, and the lining fabric was another piece laying around from a previous sewing project. 

After finally getting all the loose fur out of the scarf I have found it to be a fun staple to wear this winter. It goes with almost everything and it is super cozy and warm!


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